• Diversified Business House with over 100 years Heritage
  • Multi-Business, Multi-Product, Multi-Location operations with annual turnover of USD 4.5 Billion
cement_paper tyres_retreads woolen_textiles
  • Group Companies aggregate more than 500,000 shareholders & 40000 employees and weave in operations in over 100 countries
  • Strong nationwide sales and service network of over 10,000 distributors and large number of retailers and service centre's
  • User specific tyres across all segments -From Car to Giant Dumpers
  • Providing Cement products & building solutions for a strong nation
  • Strategic Hi-tech solutions for armed forces
  • Nurturing healthy farms for India and the world
  • Finest papers for lasting impressions
  • Leak-proof solutions & vital mechanical support across all engineering sectors
  • Securing Future
  • Energising India